Shower Services

Our showers services are limited to Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

Frameless Glass Showers

We do not consider anyone’s shower a standard shower. Yes there are standard size doors, but an eighth of an inch can change the dynamics and look of a quote un-quote standard shower. That’s why we treat every shower as a custom job. It’s your shower, not something that is ordered out of a catalog like a pair of shoes. We want you to have your own look and be happy with your glass.

Framed Glass Showers

These are a classic style that can save you money on DIY projects and uphold just as long as frameless.

Bypass Shower Doors

Want to get away from those curtains and curtain rods that mold or never stay up in the showers. Most bypass are on top of tub decks, but can also run the full length of a normal height of a shower. Angles are an option for fixed or stationary panels. We also offer a Euroglide / Hydroslide style, these “Barn Door” glass sliders are popular in hotels and have made it over to the mass residential market. The newer contemporary look is neutral enough for big city feel or country style living.

Semi-Frameless Showers

Semi frameless units with header kits and support systems are used when you have a neo angle or knee wall with an angle to support your door. We can customize the glass to help fit any vectors and still make them look as frameless as possible. The support bar or header kit is mainly for the door to be able to attach to something rather than the glass if it is too large of a unit.

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